Best Weekend EVER!

Friday night after work I met The Mister at Union Station and we walked to the ferry that would take us to the Toronto Island. We spent our time walking around the island, and then when we got hungry, we decided to call it an evening and head back inland.

best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-1 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-2 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-3 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-4 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-5

Saturday morning bright and early, I met my friend Amanda at Union Station so that we could do all things book related! We started with a mystery bookstore, that basically has any mystery book you could imagine.

best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-6 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-7 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-8 best-weekend-ever-just-murrayed-9

We then headed for lunch at Butler’s Pantry and we just talked and talked. After we refueled, we headed to BMV an awesome used bookstore, that basically has anything and everything you could imagine! After that, I dropped her off at Union Station and headed home.

Sunday morning it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t and ended up being the perfect summer day. Since it turned out to be so nice,  we decided to walk around Queen West and ended up at Feast. After eating a pocket pie and cinnamon sugar doughnut, we headed on the streetcar to Butter Avenue to get some out of this world macarons!


After our gallavanting we came home, and are now enjoying some movies and getting ready for Monday.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it!



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