5 Signs You’re a Newlywed


The Mister and I have been married for 8 months now, while nothing serious has changed in our relationship since our wedding there are lots of small life changes we’re going through.

Here’s 5 signs you’re a newlywed like me!

You are constantly getting asked, “when are you having kids”
To go along with this, if you’re a lady, make sure you NEVER say you’re tired, because that will automatically get people asking if you’re pregnant.

Your new favourite phrase is ‘my husband’
True story. I’m sure it’ll get old, but having been the girlfriend for so long and just wanting to get married, it’s still music to my ears.

You stumble every time when you have to sign your new signature.
I can’t handwrite so I had to practice my signature like a 7 year-old girl with a crush before I got everything changed over, even though it’s been 8 months I still stumble and then I feel like cashiers will think I’m shady and decline my transaction, just because I literally still stumble every time.

You find any excuse to send a card, just so you can write Mr & Mrs.
Happy and sad occasions, if you know me in real life, you’ll be getting a card!

You’re thrilled to help others plan their wedding(even if they didn’t ask for your help!)
I haven’t had the chance to plan anyone’s wedding, but I would love to have the chance! I’m definitely at that stage where I’m over the exhaustion of planning and now I just want to help two people have the best day of their lives!

If you’re married, do you or did you do any of these?


9 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re a Newlywed

  1. The “my husband” still gives me a bit of a thrill, especially when people are like “what? you’re married? How old are you?” and then I tell them and it’s a double-whammy good moment.

    And yeah, I totally will plan all the weddings, even if you don’t want me to. 😛

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  2. The new name thing is hard! I was a junior in college when we got married, and an entire year later, senior year, I had a professor call me aside in class and tell me he was going to have to take points off of my grade because, on my final paper, I forgot my own name! He was just joking about the points, but I can imagine that it would be confusing to figure out who a certain paper belongs to when you have a hundred or so students and one turns in a paper as Rachel S…. when registered for the class as Rachel G…. haha!


  3. So true! My coworker said she wasn’t feeling good today and got asked if she was making an announcement. She asked me if she looked pregnant and I had to reminder that the was young, married and felt sick, people think that means more than it does always.

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