Flashback Friday: 80s Edition

Flashback Friday 80s Edition

This post is all about ME! Uh oh! My narcissism is showing, but, in my defense we’ve been looking at LOTS of baby photos since my niece was born. So, naturally when I was home for my bestie’s birthday, I went down into our basement to look through the MANY photo albums that my parents have.

Most of my childhood memories involve holidays like Christmas or trips to my grandparents trailer so it was nice to see some things I did that I don’t have distinct memories of! Check out my commentary below each photo to get the minimal info I have on each photo.

My dad and I on Christmas morning! I’ve got my eye on a present!
Christmas morning again. I’m pretty happy about a present I’d just received from Santa.
Playing with a new present that I received Christmas morning.
Sitting on a beach chair, somewhere in the US. Maybe Florida?
Ski trip! I am pretty sure I must be getting ready to go inside the chalet but I had to wait for everyone else.
Learning to ski with my dad. This is a local ski hill.

What are some of your distinct childhood memories?


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