Lessons Learned From My Parent’s Marriage

Lessons Learned From My Parents Marriage

This day, 37 years ago my parents were married. I am sure there were ups and downs, but they have endured. To put 37 years in perspective, that’s roughly two thirds of their life married. That’s an astounding amount of time! Every relationship is different but here are 5 lessons I’ve learned from their marriage.

1. Make your relationship the top priority.
Even though both of them worked and were involved in many activies they always made time for their relationship. Relationships take work since people are always changing, and you always need to be working on your relationship. I truly appreciate that they’ve made their relationship a top priority.

2. Support each other.
Throughout the years, my parents have had to endure lots of trying things: a chronically sick kid(me!), long hours at jobs, going back to school and taking over a business, but they always supported each other.

3. Share affection with your spouse in front of your kids.
Thanks to small affections between my parents, I never felt they would divorce. Now that I’m older, I understand that it takes a bit more than affection to keep a couple together, but I still appreciate that I never felt like they would divorce thanks to them sharing a kiss before they left for work or errands.

4. You can’t fix your spouse’s bad habits.
My parents have bad habits like everyone else, luckily they don’t make a huge deal about them. They live with them because in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal.

5. The small gestures usually mean more than the big ones.
My mom bringing home danishes from the grocery store for my dad or having dinner ready for my mom when she gets home are some of the small gestures that my parents do for each other because they know it’ll make the other one happy.

What lessons have you learned from your parent’s marriage?





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