Sunday Fun Day!

On Sunday, The Mister and our friend Allison went to Centre Island to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto. A quick ferry ride from downtown Toronto, Centre Island sits between Ward’s Island and Hanlan’s Point. For most of the day we just walked around, taking in the peace and quiet, but we did have a LOT of fun!

Waiting for the ferry.


For me, going to Centre Island brought back lots of memories, actually scratch that, it was more of a deja vu feeling, that had ACTUALLY happened but I have zero memories of going there, just numerous photos sitting in photo albums at my parents’ so it was so strange looking at everything.

sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-3 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-5

sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-6 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-4

Centre Island has an amusement park, mostly for young children that showcases lots of kiddie rides, but I believe the star is the antique carousel that has been around since 1907!

We obviously had to try it, dresses be damned!

This photo doesn’t do it justice. The carousel has a creepy, historic feeling, kind of like going into an old house and knowing lots of memories have been made here.
This smile is showing my nervousness. I’m not a fan of heights and it looked like it went REALLY high, but luckily it wasn’t bad at all.

They also have a train that goes around the entire amusement park, which brought back vague memories for me.


I have zero memories of actually posing in these wooden cutouts, but there are so many photos of us, that I just knew we had to get photos of these.

sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-8 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-7

Mandatory ice cream stop!

We spent the entire afternoon on Centre Island but then it was back to the reality of city living.

sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-15 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-18 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-17 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-16

We didn’t want to head straight home, we wanted to find a patio, and The Mister wanted to try Barque in Roncesvalles, so we headed straight there after leaving the ferry.

Barque is a barbeque restaurant that I have heard great things about, and it did not disappoint! We couldn’t decide on what we wanted, and we wanted to try everything, so we got ribs, chicken wings, quarter chicken, brisket and collard greens and quinoa. All of us, declared it the best, and we have already made plans to go back!

sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-21 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-20 sunday-fun-day-just-murrayed-19

I absolutely love Sundays like this! We enjoyed some sunshine, we saw a part of the city we haven’t seen and we ended if off with an awesome meal. I don’t think there was a more perfect Sunday!

Tell me, what did you do this weekend? Any fun plans?


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