What’s Your Love Language

I’m sure EVERYONE has at least heard the concept of Love Languages since millions of copies have been sold of The 5 Love Languages. I first heard about this concept while working in a bookstore many years ago, when it was a SLOW day and I’m sure I could have found something else to do but instead I picked up this book and started reading.

If you haven’t heard about this book, the basic concept is that in relationships people feel the most loved by their spouse when they are ‘speaking’ their specific “love language” and likewise. Sometimes it might be easy to tell by how the other person reacts to to certain types of loving acts, but for most people I assume it won’t come that easy to you.

The 5 love languages are:


Here are our test results:

Me: Words of Affirmation
How to Communicate With this Love Language: Encourage, appreciate, empathize and listen actively.
Actions to Take: Say ‘I Love You’ more, text me encouragements throughout the day or send me love notes.
Things to Avoid: Non-constructive criticism, not recognizing or appreciating effort taken by me.

The Mister: Quality Time
How to Communicate With this Love Language: Uninterrupted and focused conversation or activities.
Actions to Take: Create special moments together, take walks together, go on dates or weekend getaways.
Things to Avoid: Distractions when spending time together, long stints without one-on-one time.

Does this mean that we don’t appreciate the other person when they give a gift or completes a dreaded chore? NO WAY! This is just how we feel the MOST loved when we are seeing or hearing our partner do our main love language.

If you want to learn more or take the test you can do it here.

So far, I’m loving “knowing” exactly what is going to make The Mister the happiest, and I’m hoping I can keep this up. I’m also very curious to see if it changes our relationship over time or changes with major life challenges.

So tell me, what’s your love language? Your spouses? Was the test accurate for you?


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