The Later-Moon


When someone hears you’re getting married, after asking when and where the wedding is, the question ALWAYS gets asked, “Where are you taking your honeymoon?” What they should have asked is, “When are you taking your honeymoon?” or maybe “Are you taking a honeymoon?”

For a variety of reasons, we are delaying our honeymoon. Will it be next year? Probably not, will it be 3 years from now? Maybe.

Our reasons for delaying our honeymoon are these:

  • If you missed this post, I had brain surgery and was out for 4-6 weeks with migraines and nausea, it wasn’t really appropriate to take a whole week off since my job was new at that point.
  • The Mister doesn’t really get “time off” per say, and when he has a contract, we want him to keep that contract.
  • We still have debt. It just doesn’t make sense to us to go into MORE debt, just because of a trip.
  • We are of an age where things like a house, a dog, and possible children are more important to us than a trip, so we want to keep saving.
  • The least important of all reasons, we can’t really “agree” on a vacation. He likes cooler climates, and I’m more into hot climates where I don’t leave a beach chair.

We may not be having a traditional honeymoon, but we DID get to my parents cottage to decompress the weekend after our wedding.

So tell me, did you go on a honeymoon?  Why or why not? Where did you go?



13 thoughts on “The Later-Moon

  1. Since we’ve changed our wedding plans and now have fewer people looking forward to the actual wedding itself, Tom and I seem to be getting asked about our honeymoon plans more and more. And we get the strangest looks when we tell people, we don’t actually have a plan. We have a lengthy list of places we’d love to go, but no actual plans.

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    1. I’m sure you’ll need a honeymoon since you switched plans with only a couple months before the wedding. The stress with that would have killed me before we even made it to the honeymoon!

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  2. we didnt take a honey moon.. we were able to travel extensively a few years before getting engaged and have sort of deemed that our pre-marriage moon lol

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  3. Bry and I ended up just spending a week in Niagara Falls after our wedding. Financially it just didn’t make sense to spend even more money on a trip when we had just spent so much on the wedding itself. We’ve been married 6 years now and still haven’t gone on what people would call a “real” honeymoon.

    And just like you, we can’t agree on a place. He thinks camping is a vacation, while I think it is just less comfort and more work. I’d love an all-inclusive beach resort and he would rather be hunting a bear or something. 😛


      1. It was! We bought one of the tourist ticket packages and did all the silly stuff that people do at the falls. The highlight was a helicopter ride. We decided to skip the casino and put our money toward something that we would remember instead of just blowing it on the slots.

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  4. wow you had quite the action pack year last year (and brain surgery-scary!) i think that is perfectly fine to wait and take a honeymoon when you feel like it’s better timing! i also thought it was interesting to hear you say that it’s more important to you both to save up for a house, dog and kids because right now my husband and i are flipped! for us at the moment, we would rather spend money on trips (though we also have a dog so that’s tough) instead of saving for a house. neither is right or wrong, just what works for us 🙂


  5. I actually thought that a post-wedding weekend in a cottage WAS the traditional ‘honeymoon’–at least, that’s the sort of honeymoon that most of my family members of my parents’ and grandparents’ generation took–I thought the more exotic honeymoons nowadays were a newer phenomenon. We also delayed our honeymoon, though not by as much as it sounds like you plan to. We got married during the fall semester of my Junior year of college…I had exams looming, there was no time for vacation? We waited till the next June when school let out and had a vacation we could afford, which was a roadtrip to Ohio and Kentucky to visit Cedar Point and Mammoth Cave National Park. We had an absolute blast, and I’m glad we spent that time together. Honeymoons don’t have to be pricey, but they do take time away from work, and I think it’s smart to not spend money on a vacation when you have debt that you plan to put the money toward instead.


    1. You’re right, it seems like the more exotic honeymoons are being taken by people nowadays. My parents went to Maine for their honeymoon!

      Thanks for commenting!


  6. Hah, we did the same sort of thing! We just took a couple of days at my husband’s uncle’s cabin after our wedding. We had crammed our wedding into the couple of days he had off for Christmas…and then two weeks before the wedding they notified him they wouldn’t be renewing his contract after all, and his last day would be 2 weeks after Christmas. Haha! Go figure.


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