Highs and Lows of April

April was quite eventful for The Mister and I, so I thought it would be fun to look back at this month. I’m thinking this should be a regular post every month because it’s always fun to look back to see what fun or not so fun things you’ve done.

On April 4th we hosted a tea party for friends that we documented here.
The first niece was born on April 9th. She’s adorable, but there won’t be any pictures of her on here, so you’ll have to take my word for it.
On April 16th We went to our first Blue Jays game for the 2015 season.
On April 17th, Tommy Tiernan kept us laughing during his comedy show at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.
I’m happy that there is only one low for April, but unfortunately it’s a pretty low, low. My grandpa died on March 31st, and his funeral was April 2nd. There were lots of laughs and tears. I am thankful one of my last memories of him was at our wedding.

Photo courtesy of Rachael Joy Photography.
Photo courtesy of Rachael Joy Photography.

Tell me, what are your highs and lows of April?


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