Date Night: 90s Trivia Night

Sometimes it’s hard to get me out of the house on a weeknight, but when The Mister mentioned a 90s trivia night at the Revue Cinema, I knew we’d have to go!


The trivia was quite specific to a couple shows, which was a bummer since we thought it would be better if it was general tv and movie questions we would have done better since they picked Friends, Roseanne, Fresh Prince of Belair and Seinfeld for the shows and somewhat obscure movie questions. We did much better in the movie questions, and I’m happy to report I could help with a couple Friends answers and a Clueless answer!

The trivia night was actually a fundraiser for the Revue Cinema because they are trying to do some renovations. It was a fun night, that we both decided we would  definitely do again!

date-night-90s-trivia-just-murrayed-2 date-night-90s-trivia-just-murrayed-3


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