If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed I had quite an awesome weekend! It’s been quite a few weeks that I’ve had two solid days to do anything I wanted so I took advantage of it this weekend!

Friday after work, I headed straight for Bulk Barn. I wanted to make trail mix so I needed some fixings. I may have ended up with WAY more than nuts.



Saturday morning The Mister and I were up early to go to the Farmer’s Market at the St. Lawrence Market. Last week we’d bought a LOT so this week we didn’t need as much this week. We ended up buying sausages(gluten-free! They are AWESOME!), peppers, sweet potatoes, green and yellow beans, strawberries and blueberries.

weekend-just-murrayed-2 weekend-just-murrayed-3 weekend-just-murrayed-4 weekend-just-murrayed-5

After the market, I made chocolate chip cookies from Comensoli Foods. It was a premade mix that you just add an egg and butter to. They baked up perfectly and tasted great!

weekend-just-murrayed-6 weekend-just-murrayed-7 weekend-just-murrayed-8

In the afternoon, The Mister and I did some errands, and I ended up buying an adult colouring book and coloured pencils. When I got home, I immediately opened it up and started colouring into the night.


Sunday, I went to my sister and her boyfriend’s house to visit them and the sweet Rosie! We took Rosie for a walk  and then came back and watched Clueless.

weekend-just-murrayed-10 weekend-just-murrayed-11 weekend-just-murrayed-12 weekend-just-murrayed-13 weekend-just-murrayed-14

We ended the visit with lunch at Chipotle! I had the Carnitas bowl. As usual it was awesome!


Now, it’s Sunday evening and we are just relaxing. I think our plan is to make the sausages we got at the market and pair it with a salad.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!




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