Family Day at the ROM

This past Monday was Family Day, which usually is just a great excuse to do nothing on a Monday because you don’t have to work, but not this Family Day. My friend Amanda had a couple free tickets to the ROM, so we decided to take advantage of them. It was a great day, being able to catch up and look at all sorts of cool stuff. Not even a fire alarm going off for a good half hour could make this day bad!

One of the special exhibits was wildlife photography taken by adults and children in the basement at the ROM. We couldn’t take photos of the photographs, but just know they were great!

Then we made our way up to the Level 1 which has the history of First Nations people and East Asia.

Level 2 is always my favourite! It has gems, minerals, dinosaurs and animals.

Level 3 is Egypt, Rome and Medeival Europe aka, Penis City.

Level 4 is textiles and contemporary culture. By this time, my phone had pretty much died, and we were TIRED. But somehow we made it through the entire thing.

Have you been to the ROM? If so, what’s your favourite floor or exhibit?


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