Wedding Day Amnesia

For the 15 months that The Mister and I were engaged, I not only fretted about the colour scheme, my dress and the decor but how I was going to get up in front of people and physically say my vows without fainting. The ceremony was the most important part(duh!) and I wanted to remember every word spoken during the ceremony. Unfortunately, I have a case of wedding day amnesia. I cannot for the life of me remember anything except for small snippets outside the church after the ceremony when we were having family photos done. Apparently, I am not the only bride to have this, most brides say their wedding day was a blur.

Wedding day amnesia is believed to happen because the excitement of the day is so overwhelming to your brain that it fails to register in one’s long term memory.

If you are like me(and many others!) have no fear. There are things you can do to reverse the damage:

  • Review your photos as often as possible.
  • Listen to stories from your friends and family.
  • If you have a wedding video, review it.

All I can say is, I’m thankful for Rachael Joy Photography for the beautiful photos, or I would have no memories!














5 thoughts on “Wedding Day Amnesia

  1. Strangely enough, I remember more details of my first wedding (at the courthouse with a guest list of five and one attendant) than I do of my second ten years later (with a full church and wedding party). So I have definitely relied on photos and stories from friends and family. You are not alone! – Fawn

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