I Hate the Word “Healthy”

I Hate The Word Healthy

I try not to use the word hate, but honestly the word healthy really bugs me. I’m not sure I really noticed it until being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

It isn’t the actual word I hate, it’s the fact that everyone has a different definition of healthy, and people will slam each other if they aren’t doing the exact same definition of healthy. You know you’ve done it, or witnessed it,” Oh, you don’t eat paleo? You should try it, it’s the most perfect way to eat, and it’s so healthy” or the “I’ve been only drinking juices for the last week, and I feel great, it’s the only way to eat healthy.”

I have also realized you should never just say, I eat gluten-free without saying I have Celiac Disease and have to eat gluten-free because that opens you up to a lot of misinformed people. If I had to put a label on the way I eat, it’s simple. Not too many ingredients, mostly local, mostly fresh.

The second reason I hate the word healthy is because when I tell people I have hydrocephalus, celiac disease, a heart problem, and high blood pressure, I’m immediately labelled as an “unhealthy person” but that’s simply not true. I rarely get colds, I can’t even remember a time when I took antibiotics when I was sick, and I’ve never had the flu. I rarely missed school growing up, and I don’t miss work because of sickness. I am not an unhealthy person.

I don’t believe that being healthy is an all or nothing situation, it’s about finding balance. It’s about eating what you want, when you want so that your body can be the best it can be.

Is there a word you hate? Why? How do you define healthy?


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