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I Got My Flu Shot

I have to thank Jenny McCarthy for my passionate feelings about vaccines, if it weren’t for her crazy ideas I wouldn’t feel the need to be so outspoken about this issue. But, since this is the time of year when flu shots are being given, I’ll just go right out and say, “I got my flu shot”. I don’t expect a medal, a congratulations or even a prize for my heroic deed. I DO however expect everyone else to get one, you know why?

Here’s why you should get your flu shot:

  • The flu shot has helped prevent millions of illnesses and thousands of hospitalizations.
  • There are many health benefits of herd immunity but it only works if the majority of the population is protected.
  • The flu is most dangerous for pregnant women, children, senior citizens and people with suppressed immune systems. Help protect the most vulnerable.

A couple myths debunked that I love (NOT) to hear every year:
1. The flu vaccine gives you the flu or makes you sick.
It’s an inactive vaccine which means the virus they give you is dead. Are there people who become sick right after having gotten the flu shot? Of course, and it’s likely they caught it before the shot and it took a a few days for symptoms to appear. A person who does come down with the flu within a week of getting the shot was already infected when they got the vaccine.

2. People don’t die from the flu unless there’s an underlying condition.
NOT true, most of the people to die are children without any medical problems. If you’d like to see the research, I’d be happy to show you.

Just think of the children(said in my best Helen Lovejoy voice) . Seriously.

Did you get your flu shot? Why or why not?


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