My Favourite Christmas Movies

This past weekend The Mister and I watched Home Alone and it made me think about my favourite Christmas movies. They are in no particular order, but here they are:

Home Alone
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Charlie Brown Christmas
The Muppet’s Family Christmas
The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

What are your favourite Christmas movies?


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Movies

  1. I’m so glad that you included “Muppet Family Christmas”. I had this on VHS for years, well, I had a copy that I recorded from YTV on VHS in 1992, which included some epic 90s holiday commercials, for years, but unfortunately, that got lost in a move years ago. I recently secured another copy (unfortunately, it doesn’t have the amazing commercial breaks). But when I mention this to people, nobody seems to remember it!


    1. It’s my favourite of all of them! My mom always tells the story of when we moved into our house when I was 3, we didn’t have cable right away so I only watched that VHS for about 3 months straight.

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