Flashback Friday

Today’s Flashback Friday post is all about when The Mister and I were tourists in Ottawa for Winterlude. There was lots of snow and ice and we ate our weight in beavertails(obviously before THE diagnosis…sigh) and when we needed to get warm we decided to make a visit to the Parliament buildings.

flashback-friday-just-murrayed-1 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-2 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-3 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-4 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-5 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-6 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-7 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-8 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-9 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-10 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-11 flashback-friday-just-murrayed-12


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