Our Christmas Traditions

My favorite part of Christmas is the family traditions. There were always a couple distinct traditions in our house growing up. For example, we open presents only when the whole family is awake; it’s a bit like show and tell. The other two distinct traditions we have is having bacon and eggs and all the fixings for breakfast made by my dad. The other distinct tradition we have is going together to cut our Christmas tree down (except for one weird year where my mom, my sister and I went to cut down a Christmas tree alone and ended up having to hold the Christmas tree onto the roof with our hands.)

The typical Bliss family tree with presents underneath.
The typical Bliss family tree.

Now that The Mister and I are married, I’m thinking about the traditions we will have with our family. Will we merge our traditions? Will we make all new traditions? These are questions, we are still asking ourselves as a couple. We do have two distinct traditions that I would love to pass on to our family.

Grinch and Grilled Cheese
This is our longest tradition and we’ve rarely missed a year even when we were in a long distance relationship. It’s exactly what it sounds like, we make grilled cheese and watch the old animated version of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Last year, we changed it up a bit and invited friends and continued watching classic Christmas movies.

A Yearly Ornament
This tradition started in 2013 when we got engaged and I was gifted with an ornament that was a giant diamond ring. This year since it was our wedding, we were gifted with a wedding cake ornament.

Our Christmas tree this year.
Our Christmas tree this year.

What are your Christmas traditions? Did you combine traditions when you got married or did you make new traditions?


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