Life is To Be Enjoyed

Life is to be enjoyed(2)

I read a lot of Mormon bloggers, and apparently one of their leaders said this in one of his speeches. This is great advice, religious or not. It seems like a no-brainer but it isn’t for me. It’s easy to just get sucked into just living life with all of its stresses and forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. This was a beautiful reminder to myself.

It’s easy to put your blinders on to the good surrounding your life and hoping that some day it will all get easier and better. We have become overly focused on everything that we don’t have rather than everything that we have. We have become overly focused on ourselves rather than others. And when we allow that to happen our lives suddenly feel overwhelming.

My goal for this Christmas season is to step back and put things into perspective, recognizing everything I have and not focusing on the things I don’t have, and finding the good in every situation.

Do you make personal goals such as this? If so, what’s your goal this season?


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