Buying Local

buy local

It’s that time of the year when people flock to the malls and grocery stores to stock up on everything they need. But, have you stopped to think about where they are coming from and who made those products?

This year more than ever, I’ve been thinking and caring more and more about where the products I buy come from and how those people who made it or shipped it were treated and how much of an environmental impact is going to be with certain products.

I sat down and thought of some ideas on how to start buying local and improving the environmental impact of my food and products.

    • Shop at farmers markets and buy in season fruits and vegetables.
    • Skip the mall and shop downtown in your mom and pop shops.
    • Buy from local Etsy shops.
    • Eat less meat and choose organic when possible.
    • Eat at local restaurants, that serve local food.

What are the benefits of eating and buying local?

  • You are helping someone pay their rent and feed their children. Don’t worry Wal-Mart’s CEO’s children won’t starve because you chose not to shop there.
  • You reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Local food and products help stimulate your local economy.
  • Fresh food is more nutritious and tastes better.
  • Creates jobs.
  • Puts your taxes to good use.

Do you buy local? Why or why not? Let me know some other ideas on how to shop local.


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