Finding My Dream Dress

When I was a little girl, I’d imagined myself in a dress similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beasts’ yellow dress. As I got older, that image completely changed and was not at all what I’d wanted as a little girl. I no longer wanted the poofy Belle dress.

After our engagement in July of 2013 I binge-watched every season of Say Yes to the Dress, and logged about 1000 hours of wedding dress pinning on Pinterest. I actually had two visions in my head. The first vision was the dress I assumed I would get because according to the Internet, television and magazines a petite girl should wear this type of dress, and it is nice, really nice. I tried similar dresses on, and I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t for me.

Something similar to this dress:

Wedding dress by Essence of Australia.
Wedding dress by Essence of Australia.

I came across a dress in my hours and hours of internet searching for my dream dress. I quickly dismissed it, because well a petite girl shouldn’t wear a dress with two materials and definitely not a fit n flare wedding dress. I loved it though. It screamed everything I love: simple elegance and lace. It was perfection.


Fast forward to January 2014, when I went with my mom, aunt, grandma and sister to Becker’s Bridals to find my wedding dress. I tried on so many plain dresses in every style imaginable. Nothing was wowing me. Then my aunt suggested I try on the dress that another young lady was currently trying on while we were there. I liked it, but to be honest with you I didn’t get a great look at it and just blindly tried it on. And then it was perfection. It was my dress. I just knew it. I knew everyone would love it too. I quickly came out of the dressing room and showed them and they knew it was the dress too.



It’s pretty close to that photo I found on Pinterest a year ago. I am so happy that I persisted in finding my dream dress, and didn’t let a magazine tell me what I had to wear, because I felt so beautiful in my dress, and that’s how you should feel in your wedding day!

Did you get the dress you imagined you would? Or did you have two visions of how you wanted to look on your wedding day?


2 thoughts on “Finding My Dream Dress

  1. I had a really similar experience! I was pretty open to whatever the assistant brought me but nothing was working…. Then my aunt suggested one anoher woman was trying on. And although I didn’t get that particular one(no samples in my size) I
    ended up loving a dress at another store that was almost identical. Sigh…. Dress shopping was so much fun!


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