A Trip Down Memory Lane to 2001

A Trip Down Memory Lane to 2001

Today is mine and The Mister’s 13 year dating anniversary. We aren’t doing anything crazy for our dating anniversary, we’re just spending it together.

13 years doesn’t feel that long, until you really break it down: high school, college, adulthood, marriage. We’ve ALWAYS been together.

Tonight, The Mister and I will reminisce about high school, college, our wedding and all the wonderful memories we’ve had together.

Just in case you forgot how awesome 2001 was, I found some of the pop culture and current events that were going on:

According to Wikipedia this song was #1 in Canada on November 3, 2001.

Jean Chretien was Prime Minister

Timothy McVeigh (The Oklahoma City Building Bomber) was executed

Wikipedia goes online

Napster is closed down by court order

Apple releases the first Ipod

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Shrek and Planet of the Apes movies comes out in theatres.


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