Our First Thanksgiving


I have a lot to be grateful for this year: my husband, our wonderful families, great health and great friends.


Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple was simple and relaxing, exactly what we needed after 15 months of planning a huge event! On Friday after work, I met Andrew at Yonge and Sheppard and we headed to my parents’ cottage on Dummer Lake. Friday was all about unpacking and unwinding so that we could fully enjoy ourselves over the weekend.

photo 1(1)

Saturday we woke up and had a quick breakfast and went into Lakefield and stopped into the grocery store and took a look around the town. We checked out a tea and chocolate shop but we didn’t end up buying anything. Later that day The Mister made a gluten-free feast of fried chicken(recipe to come later this week!) and macaroni salad.


A Chocolate shoe!
A Chocolate shoe!



Sunday we sat down to a full breakfast and then decided to go into Peterborough and see what was happening there, unfortunately we should have realized lots of places were closed for the holiday or maybe because it was Sunday, so we headed home and watched crime shows all day, taking in all the satellite tv while we could!

photo 4(3)

Monday morning we set out at five in the morning to beat the traffic back into Toronto. On the way we stopped at Cora’s to check out their new gluten free menu! I had the Ham and Cheddar Crespelle with apples and caramel sauce. It was tasty but the caramel sauce was a bit much so early in the morning.


We are now home, relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead! It was a great weekend of relaxation.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do anything special?


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