10 Awesome Dinner-and-a-Movie Pairings

Even though The Mister and I are HUGE fans of the movie theatres, we’ve been enjoying just sitting on our couch, eating dinner together and watching a movie. It’s been a really nice time that’s hitting our love languages, his need to watch movies and our needs to save as much money without sacrificing fun!… Continue reading 10 Awesome Dinner-and-a-Movie Pairings


Awkward and Awesome: October Edition

I had every intention of showing you how awesome our first Friendsgiving was in our new apartment but alas I was having too much fun and didn’t take ANY photos so I thought I’d do another edition of Awk+Awe! Awkward – I haven’t started any exercising….but, I have started doing my physio exercises for my… Continue reading Awkward and Awesome: October Edition